FILE UPLOAD (online posters)

Welcome to AmeriDendro2022's file upload system. Please fill this quick survey to help us route your files to the right session. 

Deadline to upload your files: June 20

Identification of Presenter

Uploading your poster presentation on Youtube

All presenters who present a poster online need to:

1) send their poster (in .pdf) for printing by organizing committee

2) pre-record a lightning presentation (2 min MAX), upload it on YouTube, and share the link below.

YouTube makes it very easy to upload and share videos (see below). However, privacy settings for videos must not be set to "private", otherwise the organizing committee will not be able to access your video. Choose the "unlisted" or "public" privacy settings in Youtube.





Upload section

Accepted formats for online posters

file: .pdf only

link: YouTube link only

Upload File

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Make sure that privacy settings are either "public" or "unlisted". Otherwise, sharing is impossible.