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2- ‘Folk-Rock’ Music Scene of Kathmandu: The Issues of Transculturation and Youth Identity – Subash Giri, University of Alberta

1:30 PM, Saturday 25 May 2019 (2 hours)
Coffee break   03:30 PM to 04:00 PM (30 minutes)
The major aim of this research is to understand the ‘Folk-Rock’ music scene of Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. The research examines how the youth of Kathmandu blend, mix, and integrate global rock music genre with their local folk music and create new ‘Folk-Rock’ music genre. Based on semi-structured interviews, musical, and literature analysis the research explores the ‘Folk-Rock’ scene developed among the youths in Kathmandu exhibits the phenomenon of Transculturation. In addition, the popularity of this new genre among the youth depicts their selfness and aim to create a new identity. Globalization, modernization, networking, interconnection, and access to digital technology are widespread phenomena that have turned the world into a single realm of cultural production. These phenomena have generated different novel terms like transculturation, acculturation, transformation, hybridity, new identities etc. Due to its easy access to media, technology and central location for all cultural productions, the Kathmandu city is considered the most vibrant city for music scenes in Nepal. ‘Folk-Rock’ is one of the most significant and popular music scenes among the youth of Kathmandu. Its powerful presence on national and private media stations, its influence on young artists are the reasons why this music genre is readily acceptable in the Kathmandu music scene. The research foregrounds the acceptance of the global rock music traits and its integration with local music, local language and local cultural elements by the youth of Kathmandu and explores it as a phenomenon of Transculturation and youth identity.
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