2- Time, Ethnography, and the Voice of Male Privilege – Jeffrey van den Scott, Memorial University of Newfoundland

4:00 PM, samedi 25 mai 2019 (2 heures)
Circuit guidé "Montréal en jazz"   06:00 PM à 08:00 PM (2 heures)

As a white male conducting music research with Indigenous communities in Canada, I often face questions – internal and external – about my place in this research, and to what degree I should speak for, with, and on behalf of my research community. In this sense, I engage with the intersectionality of white male privilege, considering the role not only of my whiteness and maleness, but also the role of recognition by the community in which I work and the privilege coming from time invested in that community. Using an intersectional approach to investigate layers of oppression allows me to examine my role in face of these categories of difference. White male privilege is something to critique in working with Indigenous communities, but, if I do not share my stories, experiences, and observations from over a decade spent with an Indigenous community, how do the intellectual questions centering on Indigenous relations in Canada lose out?

Memorial University of Newfoundland
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