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1- In search for the next big thing. Domain-specific future consciousness and prospective attitude in the creative work of pop songwriters - Riikka Hiltunen, University of Helsinki

11:30 AM, Dimanche 26 Mai 2019 (2 heures)

Writing and producing songs to international pop music markets is a highly goal oriented action, in which the target is to hit the rapidly changing music trends, or create such trends. It can thus be assumed that being conscious about near future has a role in the creative work of pop songwriters. The relationships between creativity and future consciousness (see e.g. Lombardo 2006) have not, however, been theorized or empirically examined abundant. In my presentation I will show what kinds of examples of future consciousness can be found in the creative work of Finnish pop songwriters. My research material consists of theme interviews and observations of songwriting sessions on international songwriting camps. This paper is related to my PhD project in which I analyse future consciousness, prospective attitude and trend-spotting in the creative work of Finnish mainstream pop songwriters. My research draws from musicology, creativity studies and futures studies.

University of Helsinki
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