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Association Inuksiutiit Katimajiit Inc.

Inuksiutiit Katimajiit is a private nonprofit Canadian corporation founded in Québec City in 1974 by two professors from the Université Laval, Bernard Saladin d'Anglure and Louis-Jacques Dorais, and a researcher from the same university, Jimmy Innaarulik Mark. The objective of the association is to promote research and contribute to the dissemination of knowledge about the culture, language, society and history of the Inuit and Yupiit peoples, from Chukotka in the west to Greenland in the east. In is managed by a six-person board of directors, elected annually by the general assembly of the members. New members are proposed and accepted by the general assembly. (Extract from Encyclopedia of the Arctic, ed. Mark Nuttall, 2005, p. 166)
Organization detail
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