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Getting Around

Getting to and from the Airport

Option 1: There is a bus from the airport to downtown called the 747 Express that costs $10 Canadian and only takes exact change in coins. Depending on where you’re staying, you can transfer from the bus to the metro (i.e., subway) system. You may wish to get a 3-day or weekly transit pass, as these also include the airport bus.
Option 2: Taxis offer a flat rate of $41 (plus tax and tip) from the airport to downtown.
Option 3: Another alternative is UberX, but note that pickup is in a specific spot at the airport.
Option 4: Some downtown hotels have shuttle service to and from the airport. (

Getting around town

  • If you're staying at one of the conference hotels, you should be able walk to the venues each day
  • Montreal has an extensive transit network of subways and busses with various passes (1-day, 3-day, 1 week, etc.):
  • The closest metro station to the main venue is Place-des-Arts station.
  • The Thursday late-afternoon opening ceremony is a bit further away (25 min. walk), so you may wish to plan to take the subway or another means to get there.
  • There is a bike-share system called Bixi (they offer a 3-day or 10-trip pass):

Getting Around