Mrs. Ella Nathanael Alkiewicz

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Atsusi! Bonjour! Greetings!

I am Ella Regina Nathanael Alkiewicz of Nunatsiavut. I was born in Happy Valley, Labrador. My Anaana is Juliana Millicent Regina Nathanael of Hopedale. She lives in a convalescence home for the Autumn/Winter. I reside in western Massachusetts with my atuik Chris Alkiewicz and cat named Fat Albert. We have a panik, Regina Alkiewicz, who works in Boston. I'm a writer, teacher, journalist, & researcher. My first article was published in the latest issue of Inuktitut Magazine. Ilinniavunga Inuttitut and hope to learn more with everyone. I am excited to attend and will run an icebreaker event in between sessions. Come say hi and join me on social media. 

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Friday October 4, 2019

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4:00 PM
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