Indigenous-social-work: (De)colonizing praxis in-between worldviews - Gail Baikie

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10:00 AM, Sunday 6 Oct 2019 (30 minutes)
Indigenous social workers have to practice in-between two worlds. The presenter will provide an overview of her PhD research study in which she examined Indigenous researcher and professional praxis in-between Indigenous and Euro-western worldviews. The researcher and the majority of the participants were Inuit. As opposed to either taking on dominant or assuming hybrid identities, perspectives and practices, the researcher and participants remained Indigenous-centered while interacting in-between worldviews. Participants examined intercultural encounters from their own professional experiences. Their practices entailed interactive attempts to decolonize the situational dynamics and to facilitate cultural safety for themselves and other Indigenous players in the event. Events were examined using a technique the researcher developed called Decolonizing Critical Reflection. This method enabled participants to dig beneath the surface of their experiences in order to unearth the worldview influences on themselves and within the event and to identify the knowledge used and created. Practice wisdom for navigating in-between worldviews in professional practice situations were illuminated and will be shared with the audience.

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