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The Indigenous Arts Economy in Canada - Hannes Edinger

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3:00 PM, Friday 4 Oct 2019 (30 minutes)
The cultural value of Indigenous art in our communities is indisputable. However, the economic impact of Indigenous art has not been extensively studied. At the 2016 Inuit Studies Conference, I presented our paper on the Impact of the Inuit Arts Economy. This was the first study to produce statistically rigorous estimates on the arts economy in each region of Inuit Nunangat and in Southern Canada. The report proposed here will update those 2016 estimates of the Inuit arts economy as part of a larger study on the economic impact of Indigenous art in Canada. We will produce estimates for the four Inuit regions in Canada as well as those living outside Inuit Nunangat. Through statistically rigorous primary data collection, we engage directly with Indigenous artists and consumers to assess the supply and demand for Indigenous art. This primary statistical data is supplemented with more qualitative key informant interviews and secondary statistical data, primarily the 2017 Aboriginal Peoples Survey. This information allows us to estimate the number of artists, the economic impact, the average income of Indigenous artists attributable to the production of art, the types of art produced, and the cost of inauthentic

art in each region and by the type of art produced. Finally, we assess the existing programs that support Indigenous art to identify gaps in current policy to find ways to increase participation in the arts economy. In conclusion, by studying the economic impact of Indigenous art, we will continue to increase the knowledge and awareness of the importance of this industry to all of Canada.

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