Starting the big conversation: a gathering about Inuit archives - Anita Kora, Mark Turner, Jennelle Doyle, Brendan Griebel, Jessica Kotierk, Kyle Crotty, Heather Campbell, James Gorton, Jameson C. Brant, Sarah Gauntlett, Manitok Thompson, Douglas Wharram

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1:15 PM, Sunday 6 Oct 2019 (2 hours)
Inuit are no strangers to the materials and practices of archives. This is visible all across Inuit Nunaat: in the arts, genealogy, in politics, and in the ways Inuit knowledges are safeguarded and transmitted. And yet, for the diversity of archival expression, there have been few opportunities for Inuit to mutually consider those expressions. Inuit Archives largely remain the expression of community and regional practices. The time is overdue for Inuit to come together to broadly consider the connections, differences, and importance of archival practice across Inuit Nunaat. The aim of our workshop is to begin this big conversation and to lay the foundation for future, collaborative work. Together with invited participants from organizations working on and with Inuit archives, Inuit archivists, and Inuit knowledge holders we will consider the following questions:

• What is an Inuit Archive?

• Where are Inuit Archives positioned?

• How can we build capacity in Inuit Archives together?

• What might an Inuit Archives network look like?

Our event will take the form of a workshop. Chairs will lead invited participants through a focussed discussion on each of the above questions before coming back together to jointly report their findings and collectively consider next steps. All are welcome to attend this gathering; however, we request that only invited participants speak during the breakout sessions.

OKâlaKatiget Society & Memorial University of Newfoundland
Nunavut Film Development Corp.
Nunatsiavut Government
Library and Archives Canada
Hudson's Bay Company Archives
Avataq Cultural Institute
Memorial University
Canadian Museum of History
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