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How Internet helps Canadian Inuit in the North to be heard by the South - Michael Delaunay

Nunavut, majoritarily inhabited by Inuit, is not only far away and isolated from the south geographically, but is still not understood by the south. This might be one of the reasons why seal hunting, and the use of seal skin and meat, is still not understood as being vital for those populations by the southern populations in Canada and USA. As internet is now a reality in the North, even if in many villages it is still very slow, expensive and unreliable, the large use of social media has been a very useful tool to try to change the southern view of the Inuit way of life, and explain how important it is for them. The #Sealfie campaign on Twitter is a good example of the use of internet as a way to fight the preconceived ideas coming from the south, and impose the Inuit message. Twitter is used as a political tool by some of the Inuit, mostly leaders. We argue that this unprecedented campaign on social media in order to fight for the Inuit culture and the right to hunt seals was a key moment for Inuit and that it still has an echo today, both in the Inuit society and online, where social media is still used to put forward the importance of seal hunting in the Inuit culture and try to educate southern populations
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