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The Creative Possibilities from Digital Archives: Employing New Mediums for Research,Engagement, and Accessibility - Sean Gustini

Those who conduct research in Nunavut are encouraged to communicate their findings with the communities where they work. This communication often takes the form of static, text-based products (e.g. reports, theses, and posters) that are regularly cited as being ineffective mediums. Through recent case studies, this

presentation will encourage multimedia approaches employing digital archives to make research processes and outcomes more accessible, engaging, and relevant to communities.

As more archival materials from Nunavut become digitized greater opportunities exist for researchers and community members to access heretofore unseen documents, films, and photographs, and unheard oral histories. These materials hold profound potential towards enriching research through the inclusion of dialectic specificity, and local knowledge, experience, and history. With increased access to digital archival assets the production of multi-sensory and multi-dimensional resources are increasingly possible. Potential effects of such projects include enhanced relationship-building between communities and researchers, the development of localized teaching and learning materials, and opportunities for greater community involvement in research processes and outcomes.

Nunavut Arctic College
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