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Nunami Ilinniarniq: Inuit Community Control of Education through Land-based Education - Kaviq Kaluraq

9:00 AM, Sunday 6 Oct 2019 (30 minutes)
Purpose of the project is to provide primary policy research to answer “How can Inuit regain control of their education through land-based education? What policy barriers prevent communities from delivering programs?” Through this research, policy recommendations will be made to stakeholders that have obligations and interests in Inuit Education. The policy research is intended to support Inuit who wish to create or expand land-based programming for children and youth. The goal of this research is to learn from communities about their land-based programming and to learn about their views around what needs to be changed in policy to better support their programming. In order to understand why learning from the land is important, we plan to hear from youth about why the land is important to them and the values they place on land. Information would be collected in the form of stories and conversations from communities. Stories from children and youth will be collected in the form of pictures. Information would be collected, processed, and reported between March 2019 – August 2019. The findings of this research would be published in policy paper in the form of policy recommendations, and publicly available.

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