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Let’s grab a coffee and create solutions - Cécile de Sérigny & Marion Macé

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9:00 AM, Friday 4 Oct 2019 (1 hour 30 minutes)
During my experience working in Northern communities, I have often questioned the legitimacy of

my research and the fashion in which it was conducted. I have often felt that we were conducting research about the Community, and not with the community. It is often the coffee break at conferences where I was able to share my concerns with other students. The new generations of researchers and professionals also wanted to work in true partnership with the communities. For this workshop we will invite everyone (Inuit \& non-Inuit) to come together for a Coffee Break. It will be an opportunity to listen to the to the voices of the others. Our objective will be to develop and discuss solutions together – to truly understand each other and improve our working environment within Northern communities. Using an interactive approach, we will invite the participants embody their own role – to reflect and create their own vision. What does it mean to truly understand each other? What does it mean to be allies?

Based on the responses we will break into smaller groups. Each of them will be able to propose actions that meet their vision. Everybody will evaluate the feasibility of the chosen solutions visually using post it notes. This will make it possible to highlight and actually post the results in the coffee break area. Using a modest approach this workshop will give voice to everyone (Inuit and non-Inuit) to develop solutions together.

Inuvik Greenhouse
Wildlife Biologist - Participatory Project Coordinator
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