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Traditional Moravian Inuit Festival Celebrations in Nain, Nunatsiavut - Joan Dicker

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4:45 PM, Friday 4 Oct 2019 (30 minutes)
Introduction of the traditional celebrations of the Moravian Inuit in Nunatsiavut (Northern Labrador). The history, including how and when these celebrations began, and where they are still celebrated today. In Nain, we continue to celebrate festive days for young men, young women, children, married couples, and widows. These festive days each have their own day dedicated to them throughout the year. This presentation will discuss the preparations, the events of the day, the special clothing worn, and the community involvement in each of the days, including the Church services, choir, brass band, donations, food, etc. Photos and short video clips of the celebration days will be shown. A display of the special clothing worn at the celebrations will also be included. If possible, two members of the community could be present, showcasing the traditional dress of the celebrations and singing traditional hymns that go with the celebrations.

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