The Arctic as emotional space. Representations, images and expectations from the tourists and from the local population - Daniela Tommasini

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9:00 AM, dimanche 6 oct. 2019 (30 minutes)
The image of a place is the result of a complex mental elaboration, and his perception of space is a construction and a projection of desires. It is an emotional construction of space.

For the tourist the Arctic is an emotional space, built up through representations and symbolic elements such as landscape and cultural markers, that play a great part in the recognition of the imagined territory, fruit of aspirations and desires. The sense of place is a way to identify the emotional and spiritual ties we shape with a certain space and how we respond to it.

This paper aims to examine representations and perceptions of space by the tourists and by the local population.

-- The tourist perception of the place, its image and representation

-- The symbolic elements constructing the tourist image and the memories to bring home

-- How does locals describe and perceive their landscape

-- Arising conflicts among hosts and guests that may alter the sense of the place