Chinese tourists visiting the Arctic: places, peoples and traditions - Daniela Tommasini

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9:30 AM, dimanche 6 oct. 2019 (30 minutes)
During the past few years the Chinese tourists became more attracted by Arctic places, thanks to the impressive nature and natural phenomena (aurora, icebergs, fjords). The growing trend will result in important flows of Chinese tourists visiting the Arctic.

Field work research made in 2015 and 2016 (Tommasini, Zhou) revealed that besides the beauty of the nature and landscape, Chinese tourists seek also to have contact with the local peoples, to taste traditional food, to have a touch of culture aiming at a more comprehensive understanding of each other.

Tourists generally wish to get in contact with local populations and this usually happens when individual travelers or very small groups of tourist can handle directly with the local population for dog sledge rides or boat excursions. In remote villages of Greenland it has been repeatedly reported (Tommasini, 2012) that after an excursion day with Inuit, tourists were often invited to have food together at the hosts homes.

This paper will especially deal with:

-- The myth of the Arctic in the eyes of the Chinese visitors, perceptions, expectations and experiences

-- Local communities involvement and expectations about tourism

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