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An exploration of the decolonization of education - Jennifer Williams

Round Table
11:45 AM, dimanche 6 oct. 2019 (1 heure 30 minutes)
This session is a co-hosted roundtable exploring the practice of decolonizing education. Students on Ice has been running youth expeditions to the Arctic for 19 years and brings together a cross-cultural cohort of learners, from the North, the South, and around the globe. Through an interdisciplinary and intergenerational approach programming aims to question the politics of knowledge production and create space for multiple ways of knowing. Through this process there have been many strides towards decolonizing our approach but also many challenges and continued questions. Students on Ice will use their experiences as a foundation for a conversation between session attendees. The goal of the session is to learn from each other in order to take strides forward in this important work.

Several questions will be used to frame this session including: What are the barriers to the decolonization of education? What do/can/should successful decolonized education programs look like? Where can educators find support when taking these steps?