Material availability to teach Inuktitut languages: challenges and perspectives - Siaja Mangiuk, Passa Mangiuk, Virginie D. de la Chevrotière

The wish to share Inuktitut mother tongue from generation to generation is still alive and to revitalise it is a priority to undertake. This communication arise from important needs expressed in Nunavik. The challenges of teaching Inuktitut are numerous: the context of triglossia, the bicultural environment, the lack of available materials and resources for language education are some of them. For instance, the main topic of this proposal is the challenges teachers encounter when it is time to refer to some material to teach Inuktitut as a mother tongue. This communication aims to explain the preparation and in-class issues teachers are facing regarding Inuktitut teaching, to show examples of material utilisation, to suggest actions to put in place and recommendations for material-oriented improvement.

Nuvviti School

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