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Inuit specific strategy to end gender-based violence and promote gender equality - Maya Doyon-Hanson & Rebecca Jones

9:00 AM, Jeudi 3 Oct 2019 (1 heure 30 minutes)
DoubleTree par Hilton Montréal - Soprano C (on Level 4)
It has been just three generations since Inuit in Canada were moved into permanent settlements, which caused the erosion of traditional culture, knowledge, practices, lifestyles and roles within the family and community. Traditionally, the roles of women and men were equally important and valued for the survival of families and communities, culture, language, and traditions of Inuit. The events of colonialism have contributed to Inuit regions having the highest rates of violence in the country at 11 times the national rate, and Inuit women experiencing violence at an estimated 14 times the Canadian national average.

Pauktuutit is dedicated, in partnership with relevant stakeholders to develop and support Inuit-specific violence prevention, intervention and healing strategies and programs through a human rights and Inuit societal values approach to promote gender equality, healthy relationships and a life free of violence.

This workshop will utilize a participatory approach to introduce Pauktuutit’s Inuit strategy to family violence and abuse prevention. It will engage participating attendees to learn about the model we use to design our projects, such as Engaging Men and Boys in Ending Violence Against Women. This workshop will enable participants to gain the following:

• a practical understanding of the correlation of gender equality and violence prevention;

• contextualize the historical effects of colonization of Inuit, and its impact on Inuit gender roles and dynamics;

• increase their awareness of the importance of culturally-based violence prevention approaches; and,

• basic understanding of the application of Inuit cultural approaches in healing and prevention.

Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada
Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada
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