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In the wake of modern life, women are becoming leaders - Inga Hansen

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3:30 PM, Samedi 5 Oct 2019 (30 minutes)
Pause café   04:00 PM à 04:15 PM (15 minutes)
The main message in my television documentary is to show the men who make living from the sea and the land how they working, and how they using manhood they inherited from our ancestors in an updated way.

I wanted to show the change in society by telling and using statistic. Last 60-50 years the children were told to have an education. Education among women and girls became a success, even though girls when they raised up the boys, were more prized because in tradition is like that, for instance when a boy catch a seal then they are celebrated, or at homes, they are more valued than girls. Today people are not discussing that, nonetheless girls experienced that in their childhood. In my Masters Thesis, I wrote about: Gendered educational changes/adaptation in Greenland. When I was focusing on that women are more educated, we can see it through statistic, then I needed to show how many Danish moved to Greenland last 40 years, especially Danish men, and I told the coming television documentary audience about that few more Danish employees and officials are moving to Greenland, and I said the women are taking over former works of Danish employees and officials, as women are better educated in Greenland. Like we can see that in the statistic.

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