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Exploring Collaborative Visual Methods to Discuss Inuit Health - Jessica Penney (Sign-Up Required)

1:15 PM, Dimanche 6 Oct 2019 (1 heure 30 minutes)
Culturally responsive methods and Indigenous research methods encourage respectful and reciprocal relationships and relational discourses, as well as incorporating different ways of knowing into research. For Inuit, health and society are highly relational with other people, the land, water, and animals. Based on the above approaches to research and health, this workshop explores craft-making, an integral part of Inuit culture, as a visual method to discuss health and wellbeing in a group setting.

A small group of participants (6-10 people) will bead sealskin pins using the shared space and materials to discuss relationality, colonialism, food systems and their relationship to health for Inuit. Prompts will be provided to stimulate dialogue, but participants are also welcome to prepare their own ideas in advance and bring them to the session.

There workshop has a maximum of 10 attendees. Registered delegates can log in to sign up.

PhD Researcher
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