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Nunatsiavut | Our Beautiful Land Vernissage - La Guilde - ​1356 Sherbrooke Street West

Partie de:
6:00 PM, Jeudi 3 Oct 2019 (4 heures)



6:00 - 10:00 PM

* Opening remarks at 6:30 PM
​* Throat singing at 8:00 PM

A major ‘first’ for Montreal, during the iNuit blanche gallery crawlLa Guilde will open their fall 2019 exhibitionOur Beautiful Land, the translation of “Nunatsiavut,” marking their first - but not their last - exhibit to feature Labrador Inuit artists.Our Beautiful Land showcases diverse works in a variety of media that all centre on the theme presented in the title, through photography, graphic arts, sculpture, mixed media, textiles, and wearable art, all inspired by the breathtaking land from which it emerges.

The goal of this exhibition is to promote the art created by Nunatsiavut artists. We hope to gather artworks that will generate conversation, spur reflection on Inuit traditions and knowledge as well as cultural, political, environmental and social change. Moreover, we wish to offer visibility to Inuit artists who may feel a lack of representation and support in their respective fields.


Eldred Allen, Holly Andersen, Peggy Andersen, Heather Campbell, Heather Carroll, Tracy Denniston, Vanessa Flowers, Veronica Flowers, Jason Jacque, Polly Jacque, Samantha Jacque, Shirley Moorhouse, Yvonne Moorhouse, Roxanne Nochasak, Sophie Pamak, Garmel Riche, Inez Shiwak, Jane Shiwak, Jason Sikoak, John Terriak, Dorothy Voisey, Blanche Winters, Jessica Bonnie Winters, Nellie Winters, Jennie Williams.

Find the map, schedule, and other information on the iNuit Blanche website.

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