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Inuttut Ilivallianik Café: Adult Intermediate Inuttut Group - Shirley Jararuse, Alana Johns & Amos Suarak

5:15 PM, Samedi 5 Oct 2019 (30 minutes)
Context: Most Indigenous communities across Canada and internationally are struggling for

language retention within their communities. There is a shortage of intermediate level methods and materials for adult learners. We report on the progress of Inuttut Ilivallianik Café, co-sponsored by the Sinâni Inuttut project at the University of Toronto and the Nunatsiavut Government. Light refreshments are available at the café which occurs once a week. Central to this project are two factors.

1. Materials must be in Direct Inuttut (Dicker, Dunbar and Johns 2009). These are audio of fluent speakers, which is then transcribed to written Inuttut and later translated to English. This maintains important cultural cadences and styles.

2. The group is not a class, but a group which has gathered to improve their spoken Inuttut. This model is similar to reading groups in many university departments. There is not a language teacher but an Ikajuttik (facilitator) who is not an elder, but is fluent and comfortable interacting with younger learners, able to edit the materials and willing to steer the group through the schedule

Nunatsiavut Government
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