An Inuktut Language Revitalization Survey - Kumiko Murasugi and Robyn Martin

9:30 AM, dimanche 6 oct. 2019 (30 minutes)
Central to Inuktut language maintenance and revitalization is promoting the use of Inuktut among fluent

speakers, and providing language learning resources for those who are not fluent. While the availability of language learning programs and resources is crucial, the success of revitalization efforts depends greatly on whether or not they fit with the needs and desires of language learners. We are developing a survey whose purpose is to determine the level of interest in using and learning Inuktut, and the reasons for the range in motivation for learning the language. It differs from previous surveys that have focused more on language attitudes, use, and vitality (e.g. Statistics Canada, Nunavut Language Survey, Tulloch 2004, Andersen 2009). A key question in our survey is “Are you currently working to improve your ability in Inuktut?” Based on the participants’ answer choice, we explore further what they are doing or would like to do to improve their Inuktut, or their reasons for their lack of interest. The results of the survey will help determine the types of programs and materials that would be most beneficial in promoting and revitalizing Inuktut in different communities. The online version of the survey will be accessible on a mobile phone, tablet or computer; a paper version will also be available. An analysis of survey format will shed light on the benefits and challenges of using technology for survey work. The survey will be conducted in the spring of 2019.

Carleton University
Nunatsiavut Government - Dept of Culture Recreation and Tourism
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