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Tukisiniq Inuit Nunanganginit Understand Inuit homelands - Jobie Weetaluktuk

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9:30 AM, Vendredi 4 Oct 2019 (30 minutes)
Every time Inuit negotiate a land deal, they hope and dream of a true Inuit Nunangat (homeland). They believed they were getting their own ethnic homeland when Nunavut became a territory. This papers examines why that is such a strong delusion for Inuit. Delusion is a discerption as the others would say, but it is a lasting hope of Inuit ethnos. Dreams unrequited breeds disillusions and a sense of betrayal. The Inuit desire for the arctic promised land is as important as it is to other ethnicities. Colonized people long for their homeland. Inuit desire to make this happen. Step by tiny step, Inuit continue onward as shown by historical evidence. The inequity between Inuit and Qalunaat is a major grief in the Inuit camp. In some ways, Inuit will change but remain true to Inuit identity and worldview. Inuit are building their own modern society against scoffs and colonial hangovers. Nunalarivut (our realized homeland) will in some ways conform to colonial systems. Many Inuit want their Nunanait (homelands) to truly respect and conform to our traditions, language, and culture. Inuktitut means the language of Inuit and the ways or worldview of Inuit. Inuit are humans beings. Therefore Inuit should act and be respected as equals. The inequity we suffered under the colonizing parties should not become modus operandi. Inuit want to be a living honour to their Sivullit (fore-parents). Inuit want to build Inuit Nunangit (homelands). To this end, we will have to overcome many colonial systems and mindsets. Inuit just want to be respect as equals.

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