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Sila, a Greenlandic Tale about Climate Change by Lana Hansen Greenlandic Ecological Perspectives from Sila, Sedna, and Nuna Traditional Inuit Concepts - Daniel Chartier

9:30 AM, Vendredi 4 Oct 2019 (30 minutes)

Sila, Sedna and Nuna demonstrate by their complexity the richness and unity of the Inuit cultures around the pole. These related concepts, which are difficult to translate into Western languages, bring humans back into a whole, where they no longer occupy the center of the world. Nuna, territoriality; sila, the source of all movement and change; Sedna, the mother of the sea, the heart of an incredibly expansive mythology and cosmogony - from Siberia to Greenland -, with multiple forms - there are more than 37 ways to designate it - and with repeated variations, renewed and adapted to new times, as the present "story on climate change" by Greenlander Lana Hansen demonstrates. The translation and double publication in 2019 of Lana Hansen's Sila's tale, in French and Inuktitut, is an opportunity to reflect on an activist commitment to climate change and Inuit traditional knowledge from a young Greenlander. Her commitment takes a literary form, which allows to mobilize, in Greenland and abroad, the primordial utility of indigenous concepts in a more general struggle for the survival of humanity.

Université du Quebec à Montreal
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