Canadian Rangers and Junior Canadian Rangers patrols, tools of understanding and dialogue between peoples and generations - Magali Vullierme

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2:30 PM, vendredi 4 oct. 2019 (30 minutes)
For 21st Inuit Studies Conference, I would like to present an overview of my PhD research. This research analyses relational dynamics within Canadian Rangers and Junior Canadian Rangers patrols. This research focuses on Nunavik and results of interviews and field observations conducted in 2016 and 2017.

Data interpretation revealed three results. (i) First, balanced relationships exist between Indigenous and instructors of a same patrol. This balance results from endogenous elements (instructors’ personalities) and exogenous elements (adaptation of Canadian Armed Forces). (ii) Then1, this balance is not detrimental to Indigenous culture. On the contrary, elements of instructors’ assimilation – albeit limited – were identified. In addition, Inuit communities strongly support these patrols which train them for Search and Rescue operations. (iii) Finally, these patrols help strengthening several dimensions of human security in Arctic communities. For instance, by working on personal development and prevention with the youths, the program impacts on personal security – fight against suicide; by giving structure and funding to communities, patrols help the intergenerational transmission of Inuit knowledge and culture – and strengthen community security. To conclude, I strongly believe that this research would be a perfect fit for this year's conference theme Tukisiqattautiniq (Understanding Each Other). Indeed, results show how those patrols help understanding and dialogue between Inuit and non-Inuit, but also between generations. In addition, it would be a great opportunity to present my results to Inuit from all around Canada and to get their feedback.

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