The past, present and future of modern treaties: from negotiation to litigation with a focus on Nunavut - Bruce Uviluq

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3:00 PM, vendredi 4 oct. 2019 (30 minutes)
My presentation will be on the history, negotiation, implementation of modern treaties with a focus on Nunavut. The history of Modern Treaties, that started by abandoning the historical “Reserve” treaties and adopting the first modern treaty in Alaska. How the Alaska treaty influenced the first modern Canadian Treaty – James Bay Northern Quebec and all subsequent modern treaties. Government of Canada treaty negotiating hits and misses. How all modern treaties were negotiated because of the natural resources on the indigenous peoples’ land. The Nunavut Agreement and what its rights and benefits. Challenges in implementing the Nunavut treaty which lead to NTI’s 1 billion dollar lawsuit in 2007. The legal, political and practical consequences of the lawsuit. Contemporary issues facing modern treaties to day and moving forward

Nunavut Tunngavik Incorporated
Legal Negotiator
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