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More Than Just Franklin Stories: Sharing Youth Perspectives and Stories from GjoaHaven/Uqshuqtuuq - Jennifer Ullulaq & Mark Stoller

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4:45 PM, Vendredi 4 Oct 2019 (30 minutes)
The community of Gjoa Haven/Uqshuqtuuq has received much attention over the past few years due to popular interest in the location of the lost ships of John Franklin. Gjoa Haven is the nearest community to the wreck sites, and has experienced a growth in tourism, government partnership, and popular interest since the ships were found. This interest has created work opportunities for adults and youth in the community, but it has also raised questions abo ut sharing and presenting Inuit history to non-Inuit audiences. While there have been many

positive aspects of the Franklin research, Gjoa Haven and the Nattilik region are rich in other stories that are well known throughout Nunavut. There are many more stories of Inuit history to tell. In this presentation, we focus on youth perspectives and priorities for Inuit oral history. Based on experience, research and presentations since 2015, we will discuss ideas for promoting Inuit history in ways that meet local priorities, including collecting and sharing knowledge and stories. We offer perspectives on local history, stories and legends. We will also reflect on how youth in Gjoa Haven are working to keep their knowledge and history alive today, including through local knowledge festivals, social media and youth film projects. In this way, we hope to promote discussion and a deeper understanding of Inuit history across generations, and between Inuit and non-Inuit.

Nattilik Heritage Centre
University of British Columbia
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