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Insights into the experience of Inuit residents in an addiction rehabilitation centre located in Southern Quebec: Preliminary results - Julie Lauzière

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10:00 AM, Samedi 5 Oct 2019 (30 minutes)
Substance use and alcohol misuse are intertwined with the social difficulties faced in Inuit regions. Yet most of the individuals who wish, or are encouraged to, undertake a residential program to help reduce or stop their substance/alcohol use have to leave their region to do so. This separation has many implications for individuals, families, and communities, including a possible disruption in the cultural continuity that could contribute to their healing and well-being. At the same time, this journey into a different context can also represent an opportunity for the people involved to take another look at their own story.

This presentation will draw on information collected as part of a case study project on cultural safety within healing and treatment programs that serve Inuit. The focus will be the perspectives of Inuit residents in an addiction rehabilitation centre that serves the general population. Within a 12-month period, I have done over 600 hours of participant observation in two of the centre’s program locations. I will report on the formal and informal discussions I have had with the Inuit residents, mostly women. The topics discussed include their overall experience in the centre and their relationships with the staff and other residents, as well as their relationships with the people, land, and traditions that are important in their lives. In this context, shared language and experiences appear to contribute to their understanding of themselves and the others.

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