Kiviuq Moves South: Social Policy Provision for Ottawamiut - Piers Kreps

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9:30 AM, samedi 5 oct. 2019 (30 minutes)
This presentation will be based upon my MSc dissertation, which is currently in progress. This dissertation will examine the experiences of Urban Inuit residing in Southern Ontario. Drawing upon themes or rural to urban - or north-south migration - and Indigenous inclusion in policy making processes, this presentation will demonstrate how urban Inuit in urban settings have been excluded and misrepresented in social policy provision and decision-making processes. Themes of exclusion in urban settings will be contrasted against the legend of Kiviuq, who

encountered significant obstacles on his journey to the South. Interviews will be conducted with Inuit residing in Southern Ontario to examine their urban experiences & access to social policy services. This presentation will illustrate historical patterns of Inuit migration, however it will focus primarily on involvement in the policy making process and perceived impact of exclusion for social policy provision.