Inuk in the City: Musical Identity Among Nunatsiavut’s Urban Inuit - Jeffrey van den Scott

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10:00 AM, samedi 5 oct. 2019 (30 minutes)
"Inuk in the City: Musical Identity-Work Among Nunatsiavut's Urban Inuit" examines the lives and meaning of music for Inuit living in city spaces, particularly in light of how Inuit identity is so often tied to the land. This project considers the role and transformation of Inuit music in the Western/Southern context of the city, and the meaning music affords for Nunatsiavut Inuit who live far from their homeland. The project aims to unlock key points of difference in the understanding of the city, and therefore of life projects, between the Inuit and non-Inuit residents of St. John’s. An important aspect of this learning is for urban Inuit music to be shared and to be heard, and so one of the goals set out in this project is a recording project focused on Inuit music-making in St. John’s, to be distributed online through a website.

At the Inuit Studies Conference, I will share music made by Inuit in St. John’s, in the context of their experiences of the city and the challenges and benefits it affords to urban Inuit.

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