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The West Greenlandic National costume on the fashion runway - Rosannguag Rossen

3:00 PM, samedi 5 oct. 2019 (30 minutes)
In February 2019, Canada Goose commissioned Inuit designers to create one-of-a kind winter jackets. The Inuit designers created anoraks and parkas inspired by their traditional clothing. Even though Canada Goose have the intention of helping the Inuit societies by the proceeds, the collaboration with the Inuit and a mass-producing company, becomes part of the fashion industry. In the past 10 years similar cases have been going on in Greenland. Different Greenlandic designers have mass-produced fashion clothes and accessories inspired from

the West Greenlandic national costume. This kind of clothing became very popular among Greenlanders, but there were also people who criticized the ‘traditional turn’ into westernizing the Greenlandic culture and thereby harm it. What happens when the Greenlandic tradition(s) turns into fashion? What happens when European and American designers with no attachment to Greenland and the Greenlandic culture get inspired from the national costume and mass produce for example clothing in material far from the traditional sealskin? Who has the right to be inspired from the Greenlandic/Inuit culture and traditions? Do we, as Greenlanders or Inuit have the right to determine that? Is it a requestion of Intellectual Property Rights?

Univeristy of Greenland