Anna Nacher

Associate Professor
Jagiellonian University
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dr hab. Anna Nacher –  an associate professor at the Institute of Audiovisual Arts, Jagiellonian University, Kraków, Poland. She is currently pursuing a 3-year long research project on the post-digital imagery (“The aesthetics of post-digital imagery: between new materialism and object-oriented philosophy”, grant from Polish National Science Centre). The author of three books in Polish, the newest one published in 2016 focuses on the locative media imagery. A reworked version of one chapter has been published as "Internet of things and automation of imaging: beyond representationalism" in "communication+1", vol. 5 (2016). Other publications include chapters in edited volumes: The creative process as a „dance of agency” – Shelley Jackson’s „Snow”: performing literary text with elements [in:] Digital Media and Textuality. From Creation to Archiving, ed. Daniela Cortes-Maduro, Transcript Verlag, Bielefeld 2017; Mashup as paratextual practice: beyond digital objects (in the age of networked media), [in:] N. Desrochers, D. Apollon (eds.), Examining Paratextual Theory and its Application in Digital Culture, Information Science Reference, IGI Global 2014; Stelarc and His Experiential Machinarium [in:] R. W. Kluszczyński (ed.),  STELARC: Meat, Metal & Code / Contestable Chimeras , Gdańsk 2014.

She is also a part-time musician and a passionate gardener participating in a tiny permacultural farm located in Slovakian Carpathians.

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