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Meaning and Abstraction

6:00 PM, Monday 13 Aug 2018 (3 days 20 hours)
Centre de Design (DE) UQAM - Galerie du Centre de Design
This work uses 360 VR, movement performance, distortions of space and time using AI. The multimedia pieces speaks to meaning (rational) versus hallucinating (arts). DiPaola both shoots the source footage (portrait/dancers/nature) and then transforms that source footage semantically through art abstraction based AI techniques that he codes. DiPaola has made several award-winning films using this AI technique. Here however he brings a dualing second AI into his work. The first systems trained on creativity and abstract art (the human painterly process) aims to take source footage and abstract it into a thing of art, a thing of beauty. While the second AI systems looks for meaning putting boundary boxes and full sentence based descriptors around what it attempts to make rational sense of. More and more these types of AI “google street view” type systems are all around us spying on us, or trying to make rational sense of the world. But is the world always rational - is art and poetry rational. In is this interplay between AI wanting to view and parse rationality at all costs (its role to rationality interpret the world for humans) and the first system also using AI to learn all it can about creativity, semantic and abstraction in the work moving more and more toward the poetic -- that creates an dual AI interplay that the viewer can watch unfold. An interplay we all face between being rational beings and wanting to explore and move to the aesthetic.
Simon Fraser University