Project +49 157 362 961 96

6:00 PM, Monday 13 Aug 2018 (3 days 20 hours)
Centre de Design (DE) UQAM - Galerie du Centre de Design
The Project +49 157 362 961 96 (2017)created by Marcelina Wellmer is an interactive installation operating within the complex environment of telematic and mobile communication, on the verge of generative art and e-literature, with some features of a kinetic sound-sculpture. Sending a text message to the provided phone number initiates data processing, while the customised software and plotter hardware turn each SMS into a line of a manuscript. The outcome of the plotter’s movement imitates a human handwriting, although the written contents is neither imitated, nor artificial. It is an upshot of participants’ voluntary contribution. While the collaboratively created text as a whole, is an outcome of a random flow of messages, the process reveals the hidden curriculum of turning a raw thought into a coherent verbal statement. During the writing process, the plotter emits sound, reminding of the computer-mediated communication (CMC) taking place. Operating within the given affordances, it evokes not an artificial, but rather a collective intelligence contributed by both human and software-based actants. Although the idea may seem to reach back to the pioneering experiments in cyberarts, there is a contemporary approach of critical engineering and analysis of a creative process. While it examines the human-computer interactivity (HCI) paradigm, the project is focused on re-inventing rudiments of communication process through reinterpreting technology by questioning its primary characteristics.
Independent artist