Beyond Lyric & Libretto: Building Eloquent Instruments From Text & Music With Stepworks

Monday Aug 13   02:00 PM to 05:00 PM (3 hours)
In this workshop, you'll explore various techniques for fusing text, time, and music with Stepworks (, a tool for making and sharing digital multimodal instruments. No musical expertise is required.

Stepworks enables users to compose using Google Sheets, turning the spreadsheet into a creative site where words and music are on equal footing. Participants will explore various strategies for combining notes and text: not only fusing notes with syllables, words, or sentences, but also inscribing musical phrases within words. Melodies and texts will be provided for remixing, but participants are highly encouraged to bring their own. The performative qualities of the participants’ projects will receive special emphasis.

Every piece created during the workshop will have a unique URL which can be publicly shared, and participants’ spreadsheets will be stored in their own Google accounts so they can continue to work on their projects afterwards. Stepworks’ underlying library is open source and standards-based, so participants can use the scripts created during the workshop as a foundation for their own self-published web works.

Each participant will need a laptop, Google account, headphones, and some short texts to work with—melodies are welcome too if you’ve got them!

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