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Andrew Klobucar

Associate Professor
New Jersey Institute of Technology
Participe à 2 sessions

Andrew Klobucar, Associate Professor of English at New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark, New Jersey is a literary theorist and teacher, specializing in internet research, electronic writing/poetics, semantic technologies and Web 3.0. He is the director of the graduate program in Professional Communication. His writings on experimental literary forms and genres continue to analyze the increasingly important role technology plays in contemporary cultural practices in both print and screen formats. He has worked on developing software for writing instruction and written on the use of programmable media in classroom instruction. Other projects include collaborative research between NJIT and Princeton’s educational testing services (ETS) analyzing the use of automated assessment software for reliable academic placement. His forthcoming book on the increasing influence of algorithmic programming and information theory on poetics and literary criticism, entitled, The Algorithmic Impulse: Programmable Writing and the Aesthetics of Information is due out courtesy of the Alabama University Press.

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