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How to Create a National Anthem

Lightning Talk
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1:30 PM, vendredi 17 août 2018 (8 minutes)
For this lightning talk I will focus on how to create a new anthem based on computational text analysis of the lyrics of over 200 national anthems from across the globe. This is a tongue in cheek presentation that walks attendees through different constraint systems and creative strategies that were used in making my forthcoming book of poetry and music, Pan-terrestrial People’s Anthem.

During the lightning talk I will demonstrate methods for searching, filtering and processing over 4,000 lines of lyric text to create a new anthem and share insights gleaned from working with this unique corpus of texts. The presentation will focus on the exploratory nature of remixing, formal systems, the use of technology to create playful hybrids and inspiration from translation gaps. In our age of rising nationalism and totalitarianism this presentation aims to undermine conventional notions of borders to reimagine what the lyrics might sound like to a global anthem with a human-centered, borderless approach to thinking about space and place.
Hunter College
Assistant Professor