6:00 PM, lundi 13 août 2018 (3 jours 20 heures)
Centre de Design (DE) UQAM - Galerie du Centre de Design
In this Screening & Gallery exhibit I would present my latest digital work titled Robopoem@s (2015-2016). I would bring one of the five quadrupeds of my robot-poems series, a series consisting of five insect-like robots whose legs and bodies are engraved with the seven parts of a poem written from the robot’s point of view in bilingual format (my original Spanish with English translations by Kristin Dykstra). Voice activation, micro-mp3 players, and response to sensors allow these quadrupeds to interact with humans and with each other, emphasizing the existential issues addressed in the poem. The final segment of the poem, number VII, re-phrases the biblical pronouncement on the creation of humans, as perceived by the robot: “According to your likeness / my Image.” With this statement, the notion of creation is reformulated and bent by the power of electronics, ultimately questioning its binary foundations. Most designs of these robots were based on open sources, thus emphasizing collaboration and cyber-community. I chose spider-like creatures to accentuate anxiety and removal between species, hence complicating the already ambivalent relation between humans and technology. My presentation would explain the mechanics and genealogy of this project, while exploring the interface I created in Flash to experiment the different creatures. This interface shows the original quadrupeds with options for listening to the poems in three different languages (English, Spanish and Chinese); interacting with 3-D models of the quadrupeds; and experiencing Augmented Reality components triggered by the panels that served as matrix of the robot-poets.
University of Vermont
Professor/Digital artist/Poet@