Cyborgs in the Mist

mercredi 15 août   06:00 PM à 10:30 PM (4 heures 30 minutes)
Eastern Bloc - Petite salle
Cyborgs in the Mist is an enquiry which takes the form of a movie, a sound
installation, photo prints, and a book. The film presents the LOPH research lab
and its utopian proposals to struggle against the planned obsolescence of
humankind. Taking into account the development of robotics and artificial forms
of intelligence, the LOPH research lab experiments with ways to help humans
adapt to their new environment, and to put them in a position to fight against their
planned obsolescence. How can we anticipate this shift in the logic of evolution?
How can we adapt to this change with a minimum of violence? Academic teams,
science-fiction writers, and new forms of artificial intelligence work together to
anticipate the most disastrous scenarios.

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