Pre-web hypertext narrative

2:00 PM, mardi 14 août 2018 (1 heure 15 minutes)

Presenter #2, Amber Strother (Washington State University Pullman), delves deep into one pre-web hypertext narrative, Sarah Smith’s ​King of Space​, the first hypertext work focusing on the genre of science fiction. In addition to discussing the creation and reception of this game, this paper will focus on the ways in which Smith’s work uses the inclusion of games, edgy sexual content, and a complex narrative structure to explore alien female sexuality. Smith’s work was influenced by creative making processes often aligned with women such as quilting and collage which is evidenced by the weaving of the various puzzle games which often require readers to piece together words and phrases as participants in the generative poetry often found in the game. In addition, the work also demonstrates a connection to postmodernism through the blurring of lines between the various narrators and the influence of choose-your-own-adventure stories which engage the reader to actively participate in the creation of the narrative.