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Structures and Fluids

8:30 AM, mercredi 15 août 2018 (1 heure)

A 20th century cinematic logic exemplified the ironic illusions of dichotomies, borders and gaps - between film frames, pages, stories, memories, realities, bodies and the human/nonhuman. The illusions: for example, mise-en-scene -- the world in a frame -- proposes contiguous realities despite the gaps always beyond the frame's edge, while edits suture gaps within the container of film's own temporary continuity. Like so many other aspects of industrial visual culture, sutured gaps have often proposed totalities; the apparatus bridges the gaps in the expression of a zeitgeist: our common journey on Spaceship Earth. New technologies like VR and mobile media might magnify this ironic relationship between the creation of totalities and gaps. However, various threads of contemporary ecological theory and philosophy also bust open the illusion of borders, gaps and totalities. Are these just self-serving human

fantasies? This talk takes up these questions of borders, totalities and the gap both in relation to media arts and ecological writings of Katherine Hayles, Gilles Deleuze, Timothy Morton, and Bruno Latour and in relation to my individual and collaborative explorations into combinatory and immersive forms. The talk also looks at technological manifestations of visual and literary logics existing within the structures of both early the 20th century avant garde and contemporary cinematic movements shaped by technologies of virtual reality and mobile media.

Temple University
Professor, Director Program in MediaXArts: Cinema For Emerging Technologies And Environments