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Workshop ELMCIP Knowledge Base

2:00 PM, lundi 13 août 2018 (3 heures)
The ELMCIP Knowledge Base is a database of documentation of electronic literature – and everything related to electronic literature, such as critical writings and events. Everyone who has works to add to the database can request a contributor’s account. This makes the ELMCIP Knowledge Base a crowd-sourced database, which can be accessed by anyone interested in the topic. This helps everyone in the community in finding electronic literature they may not know yet and the database also provides the opportunity for quantitative research on the field of electronic literature. As such, it is both an exploration of the field and technological use and an intervention as a form of conservation and presentation.

At the start of the workshop, I will provide contributor accounts for all participants. This can be done very quickly so I do not need a list of people planning to attend the workshop as was done at ELO2015. After a short introduction to ELMCIP and the aims and practices of the Knowledge Base, I will explain the basics of adding personal record to the Knowledge Base. I will then put everyone to work by letting them add or edit a record for themselves and I will walk around to provide help and answer questions. When they have done this, I will show how to add a creative work and critical writing. Then they can work for themselves by adding their own ELO2018 presentation/performance/roundtable/etc. in the Knowledge Base and walk around to provide help. If participants do not have an active part in ELO2018, I will let them document one of their previous works of/about e-lit or document a presentation from someone who is not attending the workshop. I will give 2-3 more short instruction sessions for the group with more advanced elements of the Knowledge Base as the group progresses.

This workshop aims to give people the opportunity to share their work by adding it to the ELMCIP Knowledge Base. Adding and editing works in the ELMCIP Knowledge Base can be learned easily as the database is quite user-friendly. We find, however, that people do sometimes struggle and make mistakes when they have to figure out the process on their own. For this reason, a workshop can provide a good guidance to learn how the Knowledge Base works and how they can make use of it themselves after the conference.
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