The Xanadu Hijack: Brute Force Meme Dispersal as Applied Grammatology

10:00 AM, jeudi 16 août 2018 (1 heure)
The Xanadu Hijack is an ongoing internet art project that seeks to hijack the meaning of the proper noun "Xanadu" in Google Images; forcing a Google Images search for "Xanadu" to return a tiled collage of the Xanadu Hijack logo in various contexts. The success or failure of the project depends upon the brute force dispersal and hash-tagging of modified Xanadu-related images throughout the internet. Derrida implicitly proposes a kind of future-etymologizing of words via purposeful, present-tense play and slippage. What might it take for an individual to reverse-engineer the meaning of a word? "Xanadu" is a word historically associated with hubris, and thus the ideal noun for this long-term project of (almost certain) epic failure. Curt Cloninger, the project's instigator, will discuss the initial conceptual goals of the project, as well as its paltry accomplishments and detours thus far. This presentation itself is part of The Xanadu Hijack. (The Xanadu Hijack is a commission made possible with funds from the National Endowment for the Arts.) cf:
University of North Carolina Asheville
Associate Professor