Let's Play Netprov! Tips and Techniques for Collaborative Storytelling in Everyday Media

2:00 PM, lundi 13 août 2018 (3 heures)

This workshop will involve participants in creative play from the first instant. Using available media we will become characters and play out stories, stepping through a carefully arranged series of skill-building exercises. Bilingual play is encouraged. Skill topics will include: Simple Solo Netprovs -- Follow that impulse!; Playing two characters at once – Talk amongst yourself; Rewarding others by quoting, echoing, and extending; Timing – the art of written conversation; Crafting an irresistible invitation to a netprov; A good netprov can’t be broken, and more. The workshop will culminate in a substantial, resonance-rich netprov involving the whole group.

Meanwhile Netprov Studio

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