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The Healing Power of Humor; Netprov and Collaborative Creativity in Angry Times (Paper / Communication)

2:00 PM, jeudi 16 août 2018 (1 heure)
In answer to Bernard Suits’ definition of games as “the voluntary attempt to overcome unnecessary obstacles” I have proposed that creative games of make-believe such as netprov (internet improv, or networked improvised narrative) are the voluntary attempt to heal necessary relationships. Netprovs use available media and social media as a venue for roleplaying fiction, improvised in real time. In this presentation I discuss several recent netprov projects and their use of open-ended “what if?” modalities along with humor and affectionate observation of human foibles. By tapping into deep traditions such as children’s role-playing make-believe, teaching tales that instruct with gentle obliqueness, and multiple traditions of stage and literary comedy these netprovs aim to bring spaciousness and perspective to topics that are often fraught with tight cycles of anger and reflexive reactivity. There is always, netprov asserts, a third answer to a Yes or No question. (15 min. slide presentation with audience interaction)
Meanwhile Netprov Studio