Prof. Xavier Greffe

Professeur de sciences économiques
University paris I
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Xavier Greffe is Professor of Economics at the University Paris I - Sorbonne where he manages the PhD program in Economics of Arts, and President of the French National commission on Artistic Employment. He is visiting professor at the Graduate Research Institute for Policy Studies, in Tokyo. Before he has been successively research Assistant in Los Angles (UCLA) and professor in Paris XIII, Algiers, and Paris I. For twelve years (1982-1994), he worked with the French administration, where he was Director of New Technologies in the Department of National Education, and Director of Training and Apprenticeship in the Department of Labour and Employment.  He is consultant at OECD, Unesco and Wipo. Recent books: Managing Our Cultural Heritage (Aryan Books, Delhi and London), Arts and Artists from an Economic Perspective (Unesco & Economica, 2006), French Cultural Policy (in Japanese), (Tokyo : Bookdom, 2006) Artistes et marchés (La documentation française, 2007) ; Culture Web : création, contenus et économie numérique (Dalloz, 2008) ; La politique culturelle en France (La documentation française, 2009) ; L’artiste-entreprise (Paris, Dalloz, 2012 ; forthcoming in English edition at Springer in 2005) ; Artistes et politiques (Economica,2013) ; Arte e mercado (Ilumi – Sao Paulo, 2013) ; La trace et le rhyzome : Les mises en scène du patrimoine culturel (Presses Universitaires du Québec, 2014) ; City, Culture, Creativity and Cities (co-editor with Emiko Kakiuchi, Suiyo-Cha, Tokyo, 2015)

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Monday June 6, 2016

Time Zone: EDT/Eastern Time (US & Canada)
3:30 PM
3:30 PM
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