Maud Nys

Doctorante en architecture / PhD Student
Laboratoire LéaV - Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Versailles & Université Paris Saclay
Participates in 1 Session
Thèse en Architecture : "Vers des territoires durables : projeter les rythmes de transformation, sous la co-direction de Philippe Potié (HDR, LéaV) et Paolo Amaldi (HDR, LéaV).
Thesis in Architecture : "Towards recyclable territories : the projection of transformation rhythms." Supervisors : Prof. Philippe Potié (Léav) and Prof. Paolo Amaldi (Léav).

Maud Nÿs is an architect and civil engineer. She is currently completing her doctorate in Laboratoire LeaV of the National School of Architecture in Versailles and University of Paris Saclay, focusing on transformations rhythms in urban design, to conceive recyclable territories. She is interested in urban recycling projects in the Western metropolises that queries urban life cycles, times of actions and overlaps between memory and projection. She explores how time perceptions influenced time projections, analyzing both philosophical notions used and architectural representations made by architects.

She is also one of the founders of Atelier Fil Architecture and participate to research-action projects in urban design and architecture. The team was one of the three finalists teams of the urban competition Europan 12 in 2013 dealing with the topic of The adaptable city, this innovative project of urban recycling is still in progress today.

Towards recyclable territories : the projection of transformation rhythms

Irregular, unstable, urban areas are constantly changing. But how can the space designers think and represent time flow, while multiple times collide, and permanences and changes get mixed up? Architects are well-off speaking about space, but less about time.

Yet, the time dimension has arisen increasingly since the 1990s with, first, the emergence of urban projects in a dialectic between infinite process and finite object. Then, with the urban recycling of areas already urbanized in the Western metropolises, that queries urban life cycles, times of actions and overlaps between memory and projection.

In order to identify innovative design and representation tools for territories's renewal, this research analyses concepts and operating modes of three references from the sixties, Cedric Price, Aldo Rossi et Andrea Branzi.

Key-words : life cycle, urban recycling, rhythm, time and timing, process, dynamism

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